Monday, September 5, 2016

Trust Me lyrics - GS9

(performed by Abillion)

I'm right here, baby
Tryna get these fucking stacks
Just trust me baby

Trust me, trust me
Break it down

[Verse 1:]
Well I don't wanna wake up
I dont wanna wake up, you know I'm the money maker
And I dont break up
Married to the money so I gotta get my cake up
And it's right back to the paper
I'd stay a little longer but for now, it's see you later
Cause I gotta get my weight up baby mama on my radar
It's a lot of haters that don't wanna see me major


[Verse 2:]
Shorty sipping Alizé but I prefer the Goose
Well let's forget we speaking lies cause I prefer the truth
And actually you speaking lies and I deserve the truth
But I love it when I'm deep inside, I be in her roots
Hating ass niggas on me wishing that I lose
Heart of stone, mind of steel so it bulletproof
Problems when you see us nigga don't forget to shoot
All my niggas GS9, lil niggas hit it too


[Verse 3:]
Shorty you the best for me, hit harder than that ecstasy
I play the game foul, you might have to call a tech for me
Need all this money next to me, it's bouta be a new year
Suit and tie, super fly, I'm riding in my new gear
I dont care who there, just know Ima show up
Watch them bitches break it down when a nigga blow up
Niggas hating, so what. See them when I roll up
Smoke them like a 50, tell my niggas pass the roll up

[Hook x2]